Server updated to 1.0.1

I’ve updated the server software. According to Jeb on Twitter, this should fix the ‘server responded with an invalid server key’ errors.


Brand new map!

I’ve installed a new map onto the default port on The seed for this map is 9116805644111681090 (sorry, no text string for this seed.)

Seed: 9116805644111681090

NPC village turned into guest housing

Software updates

I’ve installed a new version of SimpleServer for NGminecraft’s servers. I haven’t replaced the maps yet but will be uploading the download links in the near future.

I have had errors stating “The server responded with an invalid server key” and would not be connectible for about 15 seconds. Simply wait 15-20 seconds and reconnect. If you’re still having issues, drop me a line at ginbot86 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Minecraft 1.0 is here!

Now that Minecraft’s no longer in beta, that means that we no longer need a separate pre-release and stable port system. That said, I’ve mentioned that the pre-release map is temporary, but before I trash it, I want your opinion. If you want to add something to your opinion, vote then post a comment below.

For protection of the server, I’m using the old version of SimpleServer as a Minecraft 1.0.0 version is not out yet. It doesn’t work all that smoothly but works well enough (on the 1337 port I get errors and the world doesn’t load; perhaps you can test this and post a comment.)

Permissions updates and free (in-game) stuff!

I’ve modified the permissions on so that the default permissions tier is “Builder” instead of the read-only “Guest” rankings. If you’d like to be promoted to a higher rank, drop me a line at the email listed when you log into the NGminecraft server (I don’t want spambots picking up my email on a public blog.)

Oh, and if you’re running Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 5, you can pick up some free enchanted stuff, courtesy of your friendly server administrator. Use the following command to teleport to my stash: (just don’t fall off the map!)

/warp enchantedstuff4free

Map Remaps

I’ve moved what used to be the default port over to port 1337. The default port (25565) on is for users of Minecraft Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5, and port 1337 is for users of Beta 1.8.1.