Hey, reboot it

Server went down about 3 am for some unknown reason and didn’t auto-reboot as expected. Fixed now.


Upgrades ‘n’ Stuff

Service is now restored! NGminecraft is now powered by Windows Server 2008 R2 (In layman’s terms, that’s the server version of Windows 7) and has a 2 terabyte internal hard drive.

The Invasion Mod

Unfortunately, the invasion will have to be postponed until we install WIndows Server 2011. But alas, don’t fret! The new software will allow for more people connect and better mod support for things like VoxelSniper, and other awesome stuff like that. For now, just…keep doing whatever the heck you’re doing and keep following NGminecraft Central for more news and updates!

For the time being, check out this wicked Minecraft video!

More about the 1337!

Besides being a map for mods, adventure maps, and other random fun stuff, a few members have considered turning the 1337 port into a medieval themed map with currency, medieval building, and Dokucraft as the standard texture pack (unless your computer can’t handle it). If you’re interested, against it, or just want to post something, leave a reply on either this post or in the Facebook group. Or you can use the poll. That works too. 😀

Dokucraft Texture Pack (choose the Light one!): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/513093-10-dokucraft-the-saga-continues-32x/

Invasion of the 1337

Hello everybody, Ginbot86 and I have figured out a use for the smp.ngminecraft.com:1337 port. We will have mods, adventure maps, that kind of stuff. So first, we will try the invasion mod! There’s a link here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/780480-100-invasion-mod-v080-so-you-think-your-base-is-tough-do-you/.

I ask that you use the poll so we can find a date that will maximize our chances of having a large party to take down this invasion. The plan is that we use creative mode to build the fortress, then survival after we start. 😀

Featured Building: Floville

One of the coolest structures that I’ve seen on NGminecraft is Floville. Started by the highly talented and dedicated player Lucas (who goes by NLkid321 on the server), Floville has seen exponential growth since its birth a couple weeks ago. Initially a small underwater guest housing area, Floville now has become an underwater metropolis, with housing, entertainment, enchantment and brewing facilities, underground mines, a workshop and portals to both the End and the Nether. Now, Floville has become a community building project with everyone pitching in to make new chambers.

Use /warp floville to visit his creation.