I’ve just finished installing Essentials for Bukkit. A lot of its features have been disabled because SimpleServer already provides some, but the ones that I have enabled include letting others know you’re AFK, creeper explosions no longer damaging blocks 🙂 and a few other ones I haven’t fully configured yet. That said, the new functions may have broken some of SimpleServer’s functionality. If that is the case, email me at <> with your username, what issue you’re having and give me a brief description of what you’ve tried to do.


Alright, I’ve been thinking…

Hello everyone,

After letting my sleeping-pill induced haze come to an end and taking a nice warm shower on a freakishly cold day, I’ve had some time to reflect on what has been going on in the past couple of weeks. NGminecraft started off as a puny vanilla Minecraft server and has grown to a community with members living as far down as Texas in mere months, and considering how much that this community has grown, I’ve realized that cutting off my Minecraft service only for my personal sake is possibly the biggest f**k-you I could give to the NGminecraft community.

As such, I am willing to bite the bullet and to “suck it up, buttercup” for the good of the community that has helped make playing Minecraft possibly my #1 pastime. The map that I have posted earlier is still available for download, but with my life being such a blur as it is I may not be able to work and play on the server as much as I used to. This does not mean that NGminecraft will fall into anarchy; I trust that the peers that I have appointed to be on the administrative team will be able to keep NGminecraft open, free to play, and a great place to build with friends.

During the short time that NGminecraft was taken out of commission, I’ve received a plethora of emails, Skype chats and a lot of encouraging words, and for that I thank you guys greatly. It means a lot to me, it really does. Although I hate to be a peddler for money, it would mean so much to me if you’d help donate to NGminecraft.

It’s good to be back.

Warm regards,

~ginbot86, server administrator.

The End?

Hi everybody,

I have shut down NGminecraft for the time being. The past year has been extremely tough on me both mentally and emotionally. In the light of the recent grief attacks and the ripple effect it has had on our players, I have decided it’s time to close down shop.

As with other things in life, everything has its beginning, peak and inevitable end; this is no exception. Unlike the blocky world of Minecraft, there is no /time set day command. I know that a lot of you will miss this server, as it was a place to enjoy building with others, making friends and the inevitable enemy, together having times to laugh and cry, cheer and sigh, and simply enjoy being in a community to have fun.

I may decide to re-open NGminecraft. It may be in the near future, sometime later, or maybe never do so again. But depression is a very, very hard thing to live under, and its weight sometimes becomes too much to continue the juggling act of life.

The NGminecraft donation page has been removed, and I will post a map download sometime in the near future.


~ginbot86, server admin of the former NGminecraft.

Finally updated!

We have updated the Craftbukkit and SimpleServer software for version 1.1! Be advised that any plugins that we had for version 1.0 will not be available at the time being.

Correction: We tried enabling the plugins and most of them work just fine, they don’t seem to ignite, explode and/or crash the server.

Mojang, SOPA, and CustAuth

Mojang has said that they will close their site on January 18th and in protest of the new (and completely idiotic) Stop Online Piracy Act. This means that your logins will not work properly and we won’t be able to authenticate usernames via online mode.

But, we have a workaround for this.

  1. While Minecraft is still working, log in as usual.
  2. Enter into chat /register <password> <password> with <password> being your password that you want (up to 10 characters.)
  3. When Minecraft’s servers go down, log in offline mode. You’ll show up as Player1, or Player2, etc. with the text “Login verification failed; you are logged in as guest.”
  4. Enter into chat /login <username> <password> where <username> is your normal Minecraft username, and <password> being the password you set earlier.
  5. If you log in correctly, you’ll see “Login successful! Disconnect and reconnect within 60 seconds to complete authentication.” You need to disconnect, then reconnect for login to work properly.
  6. If all works right, you’ll see your normal username and can play as usual.