Mojang, SOPA, and CustAuth

Mojang has said that they will close their site on January 18th and in protest of the new (and completely idiotic) Stop Online Piracy Act. This means that your logins will not work properly and we won’t be able to authenticate usernames via online mode.

But, we have a workaround for this.

  1. While Minecraft is still working, log in as usual.
  2. Enter into chat /register <password> <password> with <password> being your password that you want (up to 10 characters.)
  3. When Minecraft’s servers go down, log in offline mode. You’ll show up as Player1, or Player2, etc. with the text “Login verification failed; you are logged in as guest.”
  4. Enter into chat /login <username> <password> where <username> is your normal Minecraft username, and <password> being the password you set earlier.
  5. If you log in correctly, you’ll see “Login successful! Disconnect and reconnect within 60 seconds to complete authentication.” You need to disconnect, then reconnect for login to work properly.
  6. If all works right, you’ll see your normal username and can play as usual.

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