The End?

Hi everybody,

I have shut down NGminecraft for the time being. The past year has been extremely tough on me both mentally and emotionally. In the light of the recent grief attacks and the ripple effect it has had on our players, I have decided it’s time to close down shop.

As with other things in life, everything has its beginning, peak and inevitable end; this is no exception. Unlike the blocky world of Minecraft, there is no /time set day command. I know that a lot of you will miss this server, as it was a place to enjoy building with others, making friends and the inevitable enemy, together having times to laugh and cry, cheer and sigh, and simply enjoy being in a community to have fun.

I may decide to re-open NGminecraft. It may be in the near future, sometime later, or maybe never do so again. But depression is a very, very hard thing to live under, and its weight sometimes becomes too much to continue the juggling act of life.

The NGminecraft donation page has been removed, and I will post a map download sometime in the near future.


~ginbot86, server admin of the former NGminecraft.


2 thoughts on “The End?

  1. I am really sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time Jason, and I hope for all the better soon. You definitely shouldn’t need to handle the stress of the server on top of what you may be dealing with currently. Whatever it is that has you down, I hope that you are able to cope past it – take some time to enjoy and explore the world a bit. I can’t offer much words of guidance mostly due to my age compared next to yours, but I do wish you all my best. Please hold strong.
    – Michael James Anthony McAndrews
    Aka MJAM

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