Minecraft 1.2, Bukkit, and SimpleServer

Mojang has finally released Minecraft 1.2! That said, I can’t use Bukkit until it’s updated, but due to the power of SimpleServer, most features like warps will still function under the vanilla .jar file.

EDIT: The entire system’s offline for the time being. I’ll see if SimpleServer will be updated to support 1.2, but at the moment the new protocol’s creating huge problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT EDIT: SimpleServer’s now working properly, plugins are not. Server will still be offline until AT LEAST LogBlock comes back up. Stay tuned.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: We’re rolled back to version 1.1. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 1.2 AT THIS TIME.


2 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.2, Bukkit, and SimpleServer

  1. Now minecraft 1.2 came out…
    Yay! I love cats! Still too bad there’s no red dragons…

    Perhaps we could hold a vote on what to do now-
    Will a new map be generated? Maybe Survival would be a nice change for a bit…
    What do you think?

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