Happy birthday, NGminecraft!

Today marks the day that I first started running a Minecraft server, starting off like any other server, running the vanilla server program on a home computer, then a few months later I moved it to my dedicated server platform. From then on, I added more software and hardware upgrades, and a complete platform change a couple weeks ago.

It’s rather amazing to see how much of a change has happened, in terms of the server itself, but more importantly how its community has developed, and for that, I’d like to say thanks for making NGminecraft what it is now.


Changing mag… I mean hard drives!

The server will be down while I move the Minecraft files to a dedicated drive.

EDIT: I’ve moved the Minecraft folder to a dedicated hard drive. If previous lag and crash issues were due to crowding of disk I/O, then this should reduce, if not alleviate the problem. 🙂