Taking out (more) trash

We’d just been hit recently with a wave of griefers on the server. I am currently on vacation but was able to catch them in the act about 15 minutes after they signed in.
These players are permanently banned from NGminecraft:

Username IP Address Service Provider Physical Location Real Name
jacobaitkin Verizon Internet Services Little Silver, New Jersey, USA Jacob Aitkin (inferred from username)
lorynek Telus Communications Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Unknown
Luethe Charter Communications Plattsburgh, New York, USA Unknown
Sonichawk10 Embarq Corporation Rougemont, North Carolina, USA Unknown
Zippyrules Chungwa Telecom Company Limited Taipei, Taiwan Unknown
bunny8788 Verizon Internet Services Little Silver, New Jersey, USA Jacob Aitkin (alt of jacobaitkin)
superqual Comcast Cable Long Branch, New Jersey, USA Unknown

I’ve been administrating Minecraft servers for well over a year now and it still angers me greatly when people do this sort of stuff, especially considering the amount of money, time and labor it takes to run a server of this scale.

The four users’ ban reputations are viewable by clicking this link here. If you moderate or administrate a Minecraft server, or if you own a server of your own, beware of these players, and if they join be sure to watch them with scrutiny; it is likely that they will cause damage to your server if you don’t take preemptive measures.

As for the future, I may need to implement a guest rank in which players will need pre-approval before being allowed to build on the server. As much as I dislike this (because I like the openness of my server) it may be something that may necessary for the integrity of the server. Also, amendments to the rules will be posted in the near future, and I may need to add a legal Terms of Service agreement for playing on the server.

In terms of upgrades, I’ve purchased a few hot-swap hard drive bays and a new gigabit Ethernet card to boost server performance. These will be installed when I return home in about a week’s time.


6 thoughts on “Taking out (more) trash

  1. You know, it’s a really terrible idea to post personal information about these people, and although they are griefers, this doesn’t give you the excuse to tell the whole world about their IPs (which could be easily changed) and location.

    • As posted in my rules list, permanent bans for griefing and such will be publicized. I understand that “it’s only a game” and such, but since I have put blood, sweat and tears into making this server as it is I will not take griefing on my server lightly.

      • I do believe you’re right. They did not have to option to disregard the rules. When they disobeyed, the punishment was carried out as promised.

      • Now, now, you wouldn’t want other people to post info about you, now would you? So it’s not really fair to post info about these people, even if it doesn’t tell much.

        (Do note that I am NOT one of those people; I’m just trying to make sense of this whole situation)

      • I would very much not like it. This is why I don’t grief. Easy enough, right? If I was to break enough rules on this server I would expect the same and full consequences.

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