Took Ya Long Enough!

After remaining out of date for several months, I’ve finally replaced the blog headers with current images of what the server map’s like. 🙂


Up to Speed

I’ve just upgraded the server to Minecraft 1.3. Most plugins are functional but a few like Dynmap ( won’t be working until it updates :() and PTweaks are not. Scripting functions like /lookup, or the new warp portals will not work until the plugins are updated for full 1.3 compatibility. The basic plugins like LogBlock and Essentials work with no problems (or at least it seems that way :))

Also, I’ve installed a bunch of server hardware. I’ve added some more hard drives, and also installed a new network card. What this means is that we can now have a second address to connect to, instead of using a port number. With this, having a second address like 😉 is now possible!