Happy birthday, NGminecraft!

Today marks the day that the latest map was installed on the server. That means that the same map has been on the server for one whole year, from being a mere gutted NPC village, to a HUGE area of land with many large cities.

It’s been awesome having you guys on the server over the past while. I’ve been a lot more busy with homework (college tends to do that) but still dedicate time to making sure that the server is running as it should.

Perhaps it’s time to celebrate with some cake. Drinks too, if you’re over 18 😉


1.4.4 is finally here

I’ve just updated the server to 1.4.4. Although 1.4 has been around for some time, the server wrapper that is used wasn’t compatible with the new release until recently.

The server runs fine but a few features aren’t working just yet. Anything that uses the SimpleServer warp system won’t work, such as /warp and /home. However, use of /spawn and /back still work.

I’ve fixed the issue with warps not working. The update to 1.4.4 is now complete.