New port coming soon!

I’ve been working on a second Minecraft server – one that’s a pure survival server and with a fresh map!


The survival server differs from the main server in several other ways:

  • The spawn village and much of the area around it is a no-build zone. You will see a message in chat if you are in the area, and when you go past the boundaries of it.
  • Players that want to teleport to another player must send a request using /visit <player> or /tpa <player>.
  • Those at Builder++ rank cannot use /creative.
  • The player must read and accept the server rules before joining the server.The server rules for the survival server will be more specific and are currently being refined.

I’ve also put in mcMMO to enhance gameplay when it comes to mining, hunting, digging, fishing… the list goes on! You can find out more about the perks in mcMMO by using /mmowiki Abilities in-game.

This port also has Dynmap, accessible at However, you cannot use /map in-game and click the link that it generates as Minecraft does not recognize URLs with a port in them. The map is being rendered in a VERY high resolution, much higher than the standard high-res setting of Dynmap. It’s quite beautiful to look at 🙂

I’m working out a few issues with entity protection, and the auto-approval system for new players. I was hoping to get it out this week but school and illness (bronchitis again, no surprises there) have prevented me from doing so.

For now, here’s a bunch of screenshots.


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