Minecraft 1.5.2 and a side dose of pain

Today I had some significant surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth, the lower two requiring significant.. trauma to remove. This has left me in no condition to perform any Minecraft updates (besides, Bukkit and SimpleServer aren’t updated yet). I’m not going to go into the gory details (mind the pun) but I will say that I should be somewhat functional starting tomorrow, providing that my jaw isn’t completely killing me at that point.

Classes are over for me so that gives me time to continue working on the survival port. Auto approval for Guests doesn’t work (still) and the rules aren’t revised yet.

However, I have implemented, on request of another in-game admin, a “personal warp” system. Use the /pw command to use this. All it really does is remap commands to Essentials’ /ehome, /esethome, and /edelhome commands, but this setup allow for faster command typing, and also to have a /home that requires no additional parameters to run.

If I’m able, I will start writing an “NGminecraft Handbook” outlining various commands and features that I’ve built into the server. This will be accompanied with a “Moderator and Administrator’s Handbook” outlining what can and cannot be done with such as ranking, as some are not fully aware of the way that rankings are set up, etc.


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