Donations needed for a new OS drive!

I never thought I’d need to beg people for money for server hardware, but because my primary OS hard drive for my server is now dead, I seriously need money in order to get a new one for the server. The OS drive didn’t contain any Minecraft server data, luckily, but I have no other drive that will hold the primary operating system and the Minecraft files at the same time without causing both system and Minecraft server performance to suffer.

If you’re willing enough to help me out, please click “Like NGminecraft?” up on the top bar of this webpage and click the PayPal Donate link. Any amount money is appreciated but a new 2 terabyte hard drive is going to cost me at least $100, and that’s for a low-speed hard drive. As for trying to get data recovered, it’s going to cost at least another $100 just to get the drive evaluated for data salvage; that doesn’t even come close to what it’ll cost to get the data back.

NGminecraft has been running pretty much out of my own pocket for longer than a year, and I aim to keep it running for many days to come, but today, I need your help more than ever.

~Jason, the owner of the NGminecraft server.


2 thoughts on “Donations needed for a new OS drive!

  1. in stead of getting a 2 Tb hard drive why don’t you get 2 500 Gb hard drives then if one of the primary Os dies then you have the backup secondary to rely on

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