Merry Christmas and/or a Happy New Year, NGminecraft!

As a gift to the server community, I’ve installed a new 240 GB Intel SSD to hold the Minecraft server files. This will dramatically increase server performance and substantially reduce world loading times. Enjoy!

As for SimpleServer, as of today 4 more small updates have been made to the code. It’s not ready yet but the fact that progress is happening is reassuring.


NGminecraft Limbo

It’s been a while since I’ve put any updates on this blog, and looking at the site stats, people are rather curious as to whether the server even exists now (given how 1.7 clients won’t see that my server is even up). My last post described how I ran into network issues, but those have been resolved with a new Cisco business-class router.

So, yes. NGminecraft is very much alive. It’s just that SimpleServer isn’t available for 1.7, but CraftBukkit is. However, because much of NGminecraft’s functionality revolves around SimpleServer, I’m not planning to migrate away from it. But until things get going with SS, we’re going to sit at 1.6 for a while.

The main (‘creative’) map will not change. I have no plans to reset the main port’s map. As for the survival port, it will see a map reset, with the old map will be put up for download. The survival port’s replacement map will either be a standard or a large biome type, but definitely not the amplified map; the terrain is too rough to be navigated easily.