The State of NGminecraft: 1.7 or bust?

As many of you know, it’s taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too damn long for SimpleServer to update to 1.7. It’s been over 4 months now, and although there is a version of SimpleServer for 1.7, it’s not even close to being usable.

ss (2014-01-19 at 11.43.05)Color codes aren’t implemented, and any commands sent to Bukkit cause the connection to freeze up and disconnect the client. The last commit to SS was over 3 weeks ago and no further progress has been achieved.

I am loath to say it, but I’m planning to take SimpleServer out of NGminecraft. SS has been a part of NGminecraft for a very long time and both the community and I have grown very fond of it. However, the advent of the new protocols in 1.7 have turned things upside-down and it appears that full support for 1.7 in SimpleServer isn’t feasible within a reasonable time frame.

The removal of SS from the server means that:

  1. The entire user ranking and permission system will have to be rebuilt, and any credentials in SimpleServer will need to be manually moved over to whatever permissions system will be put into place.
  2. All our scripts will be unusable. CommandBook seems to be a viable replacement script host but it will require rewriting all of the scripts in JS which would be a bit of a learning curve for myself.
  3. Chest locks would have to be done via plugins and the security features that SS brought with chest locking will be lost. Additionally, any chests locked in SS on the main port will become vulnerable.
  4. Offline logins are pretty much moot. xAuth is a plugin often used in Bukkit for this purpose but a 1.7 version doesn’t seem to be available.

However, this also means that we won’t have to wait for SS to update alongside Bukkit. This would enhance compatibility in terms of plugin compatibility (SS could run Bukkit commands but not vice-versa) and the lack of overhead due to a server wrapper can somewhat improve performance.

I apologize for the agonizingly long wait for the server to catch up; it’s no better for me since my servers don’t show up in 1.7 clients at all (no ‘server out of date’ message) and many players have likely removed my servers from their Minecraft lists by now. For those that have been pulling through all this, I thank you. Just remember, I still care about this server and I’m not about to let it die with a whimper.

Minecraft 1.7 was called ‘The Update that Changed the World’. I think it’s about time it changed ours too.


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