NGminecraft is merging!

In the absence of any recent news, I’ve got an exciting new announcement!

NGminecraft is teaming up with FoxBlocks, the server that I mentioned in a previous blog post. Their admin team and I will be combining our strengths to create NGmineFoxCraftBlocks(tm)(r)(c)(tm)!

However, in order to save on resource costs, I will be moving the server to their admin’s network connection (a super-speedy 500 kilobit-per-second DSL line), and storing the files on a high-quality DVD-RW disk; none of that CD-R crap that we see too much of nowadays. All of this will be run on the latest Intel Atom-based Eee PC (the three Es means Eeexcellent performance šŸ˜€ ) to provide both speed and low power consumption.

I’m thrilled that the server has lasted for so long, as I’ve seen many other servers pop up only to wither soon after their creation. But now, with more hands on the poop deck, it’s nothing but smooth sailing from here.


…april fools :3


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