The State of NGminecraft: It’s bust alright

It’s been a great three years of running this server. The community the server had was something that I had never seen before in any online community.

But alas, all good things come to an end. The lack of support for 1.7+ in SimpleServer, coupled with the infeasibility of moving SimpleServer’s player and protection data to a Bukkit plugin-based solution, along with a general lack of interest in Minecraft as of late has led me to make the difficult decision to stop offering Minecraft service.

Who knows, I might bring back the service for modded Minecraft like Feed the Beast if sufficient demand exists for it…

Copies of the main (creative) and survival maps will be made available soon.

And this concludes our broadcast day. Thanks to all who have played on my Minecraft server. -ginbot86


2 thoughts on “The State of NGminecraft: It’s bust alright

  1. Thank you for creating this server, it had a great run I know ive only been here for a year or too but I had lots of fun on Ngminecraft and I I made lots of friends and even learned some stuff, thank you for getting me into minecraft and making the time I spent playing very enjoyable -Shiraz

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