NGminecraft is the name for the Minecraft server that I host, and this is the site that I’ve set up for updates and for user comments.

For a while NGminecraft was a small server with less than a dozen people in total and ran on an old low-power laptop computer. Now, NGminecraft runs 24/7 on my dedicated server, using 16 gigabytes of RAM, 2.7 GHz quad-core processing power and 100 Mb/s Internet, not to mention battery-backed power supplies; the server is housed in a 4U-height 19″ rack-mount chassis and the rack itself has two 8″ fans for ventilation to keep things running cool.

NGminecraft has become something that I’d never thought it would be, and that is a public server that is both expansive and yet laid-back like the small ‘friends-only’ servers.

What are you waiting for? Fire up your Minecraft client, add smp.ngminecraft.com to your server list, and start mining!

–Jason G. (aka. ginbot86 on Minecraft), Server administrator

Please note that I am not in any way affiliated with the NGRP/NGminecraft Next Generation Roleplay group. I had created my domain name before I had realized that such a group existed. A quick Google search has turned up that said group and their associated NGminecraft YouTube channel has folded in fairly recently.

Hold up, where did the name NGminecraft even come from anyway?

It’s a long story. The NGminecraft server started off about 3 years ago with a humble duty as a simple file and print server, doing mundane tasks that would be tedious to do manually. The name for the server was named “NET-GIMP” as the server was a networked device that was kept in a basement pretty much all the time, and the default name of “SERVER” is waaaay too generic. In April 2011, I bought Minecraft and within a week had started to host Minecraft SMP on it. I needed a domain name so that users could remember our location more easily, and that’s where the NG in NGminecraft came from. When creating this name I didn’t check if any other group had that name anyway (whoops.) Turns out there was a group named NGminecraft but they were a role-playing server rather than Survival Multiplayer. Several months later, they disbanded and shut down their servers and took down their corresponding YouTube channel. With their hold on the name released, I created this blog to post updates on, and in mid-December 2011 I bought the domain ngminecraft.com.

And now you know.


One thought on “About

  1. I have sent this to your email as well =D

    Hallo, I’m Pumpinmoose
    I’m writing this to tell you about the grief accident that happened on Friday April 5th. My neighbour Zach had his cousin (who is Dylan) over and he has a minecraft account which is letterzetter. Dylan said he was trying to get wood and decided to go and collect some from the nearest point. Dylan said he didn’t know anything and he is sorry.

    But for “ComicCoolMaster”. I have no idea.


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