I’ve gotten quite a few questions from players, and with the server getting so large it’s difficult to answer all of them personally and immediately.

Q: What software does the server run? It looks nothing close to CraftBukkit…

A: This server does run Bukkit, but my implementation is quite unorthodox. I run the server with a server wrapper called SimpleServer; it acts like a middleman between the CraftBukkit server and the client. It provides area protection, chat features, chest locking without the use of a plugin, and also word-wraps your chats so it doesn’t end up being cut off all awkwardly. One reason I do this is because I have control over most texts used by the server, such as the connection/disconnect lines.

Q: What ranks are on your server?

A: There are five ranks: Builder, Builder++, Moderator, Administrator and Server God. Everyone starts off as a Builder; Builder++ grants the ability to use the /give command with some restrictions; Moderator grants ability to place restricted blocks and perform some administrative tasks; Administrators have the ability to oversee the server and can perform a wide range of admin tasks when I’m not around; Server God is limited to me only. (Don’t even think about asking for this rank, you won’t get it :))

Rank Build Inter-Player Warps Give Items Give Enchanted Items Change Game Mode Set Weather and Time Kick/Ban Full Access
Suspended User No No No No No No No No
Builder Yes To others only No No No No No No
Builder++ Yes To others only Self only No Change one’s own mode, via /survival and /creative No No No
Moderator Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Server God Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Q: Who is your third-party server host? Is it expensive to pay for such a fast server?

A: If I had a nickel for every time I get this question, well let’s just say I wouldn’t need a donation page :). Back to the question, I don’t use third-party hosting; I host this on my own physical server. The server has modest power consumption so its electrical usage per month is quite low, about $10 a month in electricity. As for the Internet service, it’s not only used by the server and is shared with several other PCs, so there’s not much extra cost since the Internet’s already used for other purposes.

As for the server costs itself, factoring in Internet and power costs, it racks up to about $90-100 per month.

Q: What’s your server platform specs?

A: My server runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter (translation: the server version of Windows 7), with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, a 2 TB internal hard drive and a separate 500 GB hard drive for Minecraft, gigabit LAN, A 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5-750 processor, and has three external hard drives for backup.

Q: Can I see a picture of your server?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Can I be admin? Can I be op?

A: Short answer: no, don’t ask. Longer answer: Admin status is something that we do not give out often; if you prove yourself worthy for it over a long period of time (think several months) by creating quality buildings but more importantly having good inter-personal skills. As for being op, no. Internal server ops have control over low-level server functions and I will never give this out to people under any circumstances.

Also, don’t nag for admin status; if you bother us enough times to the point that you start irritating other players, we will kick, suspend and/or ban you (it’s in the Code of Conduct if you haven’t read it already.)

Q: Can I be in creative mode?

A: Short answer: If you’re new, no. Longer answer: Because of one’s ability to fly around the map and freely place blocks (with a few exceptions) we will not simply dish out access to creative mode. This map can be played solely in survival mode with no problems at all, but after establishing yourself here, if you ask nicely we may grant you access to it.

Q: Why is my game so laaaaaaaagy?

A: It’s probably just you. Unlike a lot of other self-hosted Minecraft servers, mine runs on a dedicated server platform with a proper operating system. The server has ample resources for the Minecraft service and the problem is most likely your computer and/or the Internet connection you are using. And don’t start shouting “LAAAAG!” into the chat line; we do not appreciate that.

In the case that the lag is coming from our end, perhaps you could donate so I could beef up the system resources 🙂

Q: What’s up with using /login and /register? I hate using passwords as it is!

A: Under normal circumstances, you won’t need to use /login. It’s a backup measure should Mojang’s login servers decide to have a tantrum. If you used /register, you can use /login to use your username and inventory even when running Minecraft in “offline mode.”

Q: What kind of security measures are in place? Can I use mods?

A: We have the native protection features in SimpleServer, LogBlock, NoCheat, and we also record the IP address that you log in from. I’m generally okay with mods such as fly mods/speedwalk mods as long as they’re within reason. Flying through uncharted land at 25 blocks/second is not okay. Also, I don’t really care about X-ray mods as long as you’re not griefing with it nor making messy tunnels to grab a few diamonds.

Q: Where did the name NGminecraft even come from anyway?

It’s a long story. The NGminecraft server started off about 3 years ago with a humble duty as a simple file and print server, doing mundane tasks that would be tedious to do manually. The name for the server was named “NET-GIMP” as the server was a networked device that was kept in a basement pretty much all the time, and the default name of “SERVER” is waaaay too generic. In April 2011, I bought Minecraft and within a week had started to host Minecraft SMP on it. I needed a domain name so that users could remember our location more easily, and that’s where the NG in NGminecraft came from. When creating this name I didn’t check if any other group had that name anyway (whoops.) Turns out there was a group named NGminecraft but they were a role-playing server rather than Survival Multiplayer. Several months later, they disbanded and shut down their servers and took down their corresponding YouTube channel. With their hold on the name released, I created this blog to post updates on, and in mid-December 2011 I bought the domain ngminecraft.com.

Q: Hey, you banned one of my friends! That’s BS, I want them back on, and I want it now!

A: If we ban them, it’s for a reason. We do not issue bans willy-nilly; if one breaks the rules multiple times and/or causes a serious disturbance, we will issue a ban without hesitation. If they want to be let in again, they may file a formal appeal letter to <ngminecraft@gmail.com>. An email reading “hey im sory, can i be back on teh server?????” does not count as a ban appeal. I’m expecting you have enough literary capability to know how to write a letter.

EDIT: Also, posting a comment as an appeal does not count as sending me an email. 🙂


One thought on “FAQs

  1. Hi ginbot can you please let gramatke come back on the server. i have learned my lesson and will never disobey the rules again. If i disobey the rules you can ban me forever.


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