Play on NGminecraft

The server location to connect to is on the default Minecraft port, which is 25565. You will spawn near a highly visible sign where you can read some basic info about NGminecraft and how to get started. A guest village is available for you to either claim one of the pre-furnished and pre-loaded houses, or you can decide to build your own. Updates and quick news will be visible immediately when you log on. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the map by entering /rules into your chat line.

NGminecraft is powered by SimpleServer management software on top of CraftBukkit server software. SimpleServer provides offline login, anti-grief, chest protection, area protection and warp-to-waypoint features as well as some other gameplay enhancements. Enter /help in the chat line to learn what commands you can use to make playing on NGminecraft easier, and you don’t need to be a mod or admin to use console commands either.

Happy mining!

~ginbot86, server administrator

Like playing on the server? I’m accepting donations on PayPal. Your proceeds will go towards upgrades for the server, domain renewals and paid site upgrades, and maybe to help buy me a coffee to get me through the day 🙂


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