The State of NGminecraft: It’s bust alright

It’s been a great three years of running this server. The community the server had was something that I had never seen before in any online community.

But alas, all good things come to an end. The lack of support for 1.7+ in SimpleServer, coupled with the infeasibility of moving SimpleServer’s player and protection data to a Bukkit plugin-based solution, along with a general lack of interest in Minecraft as of late has led me to make the difficult decision to stop offering Minecraft service.

Who knows, I might bring back the service for modded Minecraft like Feed the Beast if sufficient demand exists for it…

Copies of the main (creative) and survival maps will be made available soon.

And this concludes our broadcast day. Thanks to all who have played on my Minecraft server. -ginbot86


NGminecraft, Heartbleed and You

If you haven’t heard, there’s a pretty big flaw in the encryption software that protects us on the internet. Simply put, a bug in OpenSSL meant that anybody (yes, anybody) could send a request to a server, and have the server reply with chunks of RAM that should never be accessible to the public. Even worse, those accesses never show up in logs.

It works pretty much like this:

The Heartbleed bug in a nutshell. (from XKCD )

Mashable has a list of sites that are vulnerable, and Minecraft was one of them.

Change your Minecraft account password. Now. Seriously. Mojang even posted a notice on their blog about this flaw; it’s been patched but nobody knows what sort of account data could have been stolen.

That said, NGminecraft’s systems were never affected by this bug. I don’t have any sites that use SSL that can be accessed from the Internet, and Dynmap doesn’t even support encryption (why should it, it’s a map 🙂 ). Even if I did, I use Microsoft IIS which doesn’t rely on OpenSSL anyway.

Happy birthday, NGminecraft!

Today marks the day that the latest map was installed on the server. That means that the same map has been on the server for one whole year, from being a mere gutted NPC village, to a HUGE area of land with many large cities.

It’s been awesome having you guys on the server over the past while. I’ve been a lot more busy with homework (college tends to do that) but still dedicate time to making sure that the server is running as it should.

Perhaps it’s time to celebrate with some cake. Drinks too, if you’re over 18 😉